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Windows are openings constructed in a wall or roof to admit light and provide ventilation as well as for decorative purposes.

Types of Windows

  1. Casement

    Casement is a window that is hinged either on the left or right hand side and opens outward when the crank handle is turned. It offers unobstructed views from top-to-bottom and side-to-side as well as provide excellent ventilation. Ideally installed over a sink, countertop or appliance but not a good idea to install on walkways or decks since it opens outward.

  2. Awning

    Awning is similar to casement but it is hinged at the top and opens outward. It is ideally positioned high on walls as a clerestory to let hot air escape and provide light to a room while maintaining privacy. Since the glass slopes downward when extended, it can be opened slightly to allow ventilation during light rain showers.

  3. Picture or Fixed

    As the name implies, a picture or fixed window does not open but merely provide unobstructed views. It comes in different shapes and perfect for bringing light into darker rooms where ventilation is not a concern and create stunning walls of light when used in combination with operating windows and patio doors.

  4. Double-Hung

    A double-hung window opens vertically with sash that slide up and down. Since it does not open outward and use up valuable exterior space, it is a good choice when windows are next to walkways, porches or patios. Opening both the top and the bottom creates a natural convection–cool air comes in at the bottom and warm air escapes out the top. By opening only the top sash for ventilation, an extra measure of safety is achieved especially for rooms with children.

  5. Gliding

    A gliding window has a moving panel that slides to the left or the right to open. It is ideal for spaces that are next to walkways and other traffic areas, since it does not project outward. This type of window is generally placed higher on walls, especially in homes with children. The opening is usually big enough for emergency situation.

  6. Bay

    A bay window is a combination of three or more windows projecting outward from a room. When four or more window units are joined at equal angles to form a curve, it is called a bow window, a variation of a bay window. This type of window is a popular choice in living rooms and master bedrooms.

  7. Skylight

    A skylight is a window in the ceiling. It is either fixed or open for ventilation. This type of window is ideally installed in the attic to provide sunlight into a dark closet or room via a tunnel-like skylight that runs to the space from the roof.

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