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Temperature Test

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Since the cement in concrete mix is mostly calcareous material and will evolve heat during the hydration process when meets with water , thus the temperature of the green concrete must be under control to avoid it is too high , particularly in hot season . The temperature control could be by means of the combination of , or the followings : -

1. Cooling down the temperature of the newly arrived cement before use .
2. The coarse and fine aggregates to be stockpiled under shelter .
3. The batching process to be carried out in the morning .
4. Addition of ice cubes .
5. Addition of chilled water .

Before the placement of ready mixed concrete to the final position , it should be tested with a laboratory standard certified ( or calibrated ) mercury thermometer ( shielded with metal casing ) with an accuracy of at least 0.5 degree Celsius . The acceptance of temperature range is to be in compliance with the Specification for various work and / or grade of concrete . Bear in mind to provide a few calibrated thermometers on site as these instruments are quite easily being broken .

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