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Schimt Hammer Test

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Concrete cover to the steel bars inside a concrete pour is critical to the durability of reinforcement for the structure . Once the Engineer is in doubt , it may require to conduct a Cover Metre Test to verify the as-cast concrete cover to the reinforcement to see whether the condition is acceptable . During casting , the concrete cover is usually maintained by the insertion of cover blocks ( usually made of concrete , epoxy or plastic ) between the formwork and steel bars . However owing to some cases occur , the cover to steel bars might be found less than specified limit during or after the concrete pour . The situations are usually as follows : -

1. The space between the formwork and steel bar is less than the size of cover block such that the cover block sheared after force insertion .
2. The cover blocks are disturbed by the internal vibrator that is working too close and displaces the blocks from its original position .
3. The movement of reinforcement cage might occur during concreting .

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