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Defects Liability Period

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This usual twelve months maintenance period may only require a couple of site staff to lead a few workers to carry out the outstanding and remedial work and to maintain the as-built works in good condition until the final handover to the end user or the award of “Maintenance Certificate”. However it is noted that the running cost during this period (including the site overhead and direct cost of works) can not be further reimbursed by any means since it was covered by the BQ rates, except the tear and wear consumables.

During this time, the busiest people are the commercial staff and the quantity surveyors who will be working hard on the “contract final account” that includes the final measurement of contract works, retention money, contra-charges, Variation Orders, Architect/Site Instructions, extension of time, liquidated damages, claims, as well as the more or less same issues for the subcontractors and suppliers. Undoubtedly, the past performance of works and respective works records made by the dutiful site staff surely plays an important role on the finalization of a construction contract.

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