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Construction SiteConstruction is a process that results in the assembly and use of buildings or infrastructure. Large scale construction is a feat of massive multitasking and co-ordination between many parties through the negotiation and carrying out of various types of contracts.

The process begins with a concept that gets fleshed out into designs and then the designs are realized through construction management coordinating site activities such as excavation , foundation work, roadworks, concreting, etc. For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential with large scale construction projects often dedicating a department to ensure that the project is executed efficiently. The commercial aspects of the execution is also critical and often determines and defines the outcome of the project's quality and schedule.

Quality and Safety are also critical factors for a construction project and construction managers are required to comply with the respective safety regulations, building codes and standards and site tests as specified by law or by contract

This wiki will also discuss the contractual side of construction, looking at the different types of contracts,construction claims, contract documents, construction delays, extension of time, defects liability period, etc.


Construction Phases

There are too many variations to have a list of phases that fits all construction projects, especially as each phase represents differing levels of importance to different groups. Below are our view on the core construction phases applicable for most construction projects.  



Types of construction



Construction Materials

This Construction Wiki will also with your help and the help of other Material Suppliers and Manufacturers build towards the Internet's largest Construction Material Database. We need to decide how to best present the information and how much freedom we intend to give to suppliers to promote their products. As a start on this project, we will continue to add information to construction material such as granitecement, tower scaffolds, wood flooring, wood, etc.

If we use the Construction Specifications institute's Division grouping, we have:

Division 01 - GENERAL DATA
Division 02 - SITEWORK
Division 03 - CONCRETE
Division 04 - MASONRY
Division 05 - METALS
Division 06 - WOOD & PLASTICS
Division 08 - DOORS & WINDOWS
Division 09 - FINISHES
Division 10 - SPECIALTIES
Division 11 - EQUIPMENT
Division 12 - FURNISHINGS
Division 15 - MECHANICAL
Division 16 - ELECTRICAL



Construction Companies

This Construction Wiki will also with your help and the help of other construction professionals build towards the Internet's largest Construction Company Database.

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