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Construction Phase

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This phase covers the actual activities on the construction site as well as the monitoring, documentation and commercial and resource planning that goes into all construction projects

For quality, one should be familiar with the specifications and working drawings ; for cost issue , one should be familiar with the know-how of method statements and deployment of resource ; for time issue , one should be familiar with the stages of work and the predicted programme . Beside all these , safety and environmental protection issues are always a must on a construction site . Furthermore , bearing in mind that your attitude and personnel skills with the seniors , colleagues , sub-contractors , suppliers and the Client’s representatives may also affect the performance.

There is no doubt that routine supervision on site requires general engineering knowledge and experience , in additional to the working drawings and contract specifications .  Knowledge and experience may differ from where the site staff got it , however the subordinates usually follow the practice of their team leader .  Hence the team leader should always show a good example of himself to demonstrate the requirements and attitude of his team in ways of attendance , diligence , consistent judgment , definite decision and the degree of toleration of work.

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