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Construction Delays

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Construction projects will have a date of completion specified in the contract and may also include relevant milestones and a contract programme to control the project. As construction projects are a combined effort from multiple parties, it is critical that designers, engineers and contractors perform their activities in a co-ordinated matter to acoid delaying other parties and the completion of the project.

A contractor should and is often required by contract to submit a Notification of Delay upon the realization of any delaying event that may affect the date of completion or milestones of the construction project. It is often stated in the contract that the notification should be submitted within a maximum of 28 days upon the occurance if the delaying event. Failure to provide adequate notification may impede the contactor's ability to obtain extension of time and it is not uncommon for employer representatives to demand strict compliance to the contract provisions regarding notifications.

Any cost implications as a result of Employer caused delays to the contractor maybe reimbursed via contact and the contractor is again recommended to observe the contract provisions for delays and prolongation costs.

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