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Quantity Take-off Software

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For contractors, the most time-consuming part in preparing a bid is the quantity take-off. Quantity take-off or material take-off is the process of determining the quantity of materials needed in the project.

Basing from the project drawings and using a scale ruler, an estimator uses the dimensions of the building to determine the materials needed. For a flooring contractor, the area of each room is calculated. For a roofing contractor, the area of the roof is determined. Quantity take-off is tedious and prone to errors but for contractors whose ultimate goal is to submit a winning bid, this is the crucial part.

There are basically three kinds of software invented to make the work of contractors easier. These are:

  1. Construction Estimating Software
  2. Quantity Take-off Software
  3. Project Management Software

The construction estimating software helps contractors in the bid preparation itself. Quantities are entered and the program will do the cost estimating. The program makes sure that all aspect of construction such as materials, labor, tools and equipment as well as subcontractor bids are all accounted for.

The project management software helps manage on-going projects through project tracking, scheduling and cost accounting.

On the other hand, the quantity take-off software works using the project drawings that you want to get a take-off of. The drawings are downloaded in the program and it will do the take-off for you. For example, if you need to get the square footage of each rooms, you need to specify an area take-off and then locate the corners inside each room. While marking each corner, the area being taken off is shaded to indicate the extent of the take-off. After you have completed the marking, the programs computes the marked area. Since each area taken off is shaded, it is easy to identify which ones have already been done. You can also specify linear take-off if you want to get how many feet of caulking is needed, for example. Or if you want to count the number of floor diffusers, you can specify count take-off.

No quantity take-off software can guarantee a winning bid, but it can at least help the contractor prepare the best bid possible.

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