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Construction Marketing Service

Construction DB will be partnering with our parent company,Xenyo Limited to offer exciting marketing opportunities to construction companies. The details of the anticipated construction marketing services will be announced in the short term future with the first phase scheduled for early 2014.

Our mission is to offer value for money services tailored for construction companies leveraging years of construction and Internet Marketing experience, crowd sourcing and latest technologies. The services was created with the following Key Goals;

1. be effective
2. be easy to use and understand
3. be affordable to companies of all sizes.

The Internet Marketing expertise is offered by Xenyo limited, a Hong Kong Digital Agency, currently actively involved in the first phase to create a great platform for members. A list of features we are working towards;

1. Improved Internet Branding for members (first phase)
2. Improved Search Engine Rankings for members (first phase)
3. Quality lead generation for Suppliers and Construction Service companies
4. Cost savings on operational costs for construction companies

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